Grave Digger

-Randy Brown Motorsports Truck since 2003-

After campaigning Pure Adrenaline for the beginning of his monster truck career, Randy was ready to take the biggest step in the sport–becoming a Team Grave Digger driver. He reached an agreement to drive Digger and keep Adrenaline as well for 2003. The team has grown and changed many times since then, but Randy has stayed in Digger the entire time, beginning with Grave Digger 18 from 2003 to 2006, then took over the reigns of Grave Digger 19 for the 2007 season and to the present day. Grave Digger 19 was built at Digger’s Dungeon in Poplar Branch, North Carolina. “The best part about driving Grave Digger is the smiles on the kids’ faces,” says Randy. “That makes everything worth it for me.”