RBM Racks Up More Wins in Milwaukee

Randy Brown - Grave Digger - Milwaukee Monster Jam 2013

Photos By: Jason Twite

2013 has seen many wins for Randy Brown Motorsports just two weeks into the season and as the team traveled to Milwaukee they sought to continue their winning trend. Friday night saw immediate success for both Randy Brown and Joey Parnell as the two would meet in the final round of racing with Brown and Grave Digger picking up the win over Parnell and Superman. Saturday featured two events and on Saturday afternoon Parnell started off well getting Superman vertical in the wheelie contest for a second place finish. In racing Brown once again found himself in the finals of racing but came up just short of the win. Brown returned in freestyle with a great performance and picked up the win along the way. Parnell put on a strong run of his own and would finish third in freestyle.

Saturday night marked the third and final event for Randy Brown Motorsports to pick up some more wins. They nearly picked up the wheelie contest win, when Brown and Grave Digger finished second in the competition. There were no doubts that a team truck would come away with the racing victory, as both Brown and Parnell found themselves facing off against each other in the final round. Brown would take the Grave Digger to victory over Parnell and Superman. The team was strong once again in freestyle as Parnell took Superman to a third place finish overall. In typical Grave Digger fashion Brown had the black and green wrecking machine dialed in for a wild run and would take the freestyle victory, marking his fourth win on the weekend.

From Milwaukee, the team travels back south to Greenville, South Carolina for three more Monster Jam and events and more chances to pick even more wins in 2013.