Randy Brown Motorsports Crushes Connecticut

Randy Brown - Grave Digger - Hartford - Monster Jam(Photos By: Steve Parry – AllMonster.com)

The Randy Brown Motorsports team wrapped up their first Northeast swing of the season with a three show weekend at Hartford, Connecticut’s XL Center. The first event started on Saturday afternoon, with the wheelie contest. Joey Parnell and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle never back down in the wheelie contest and they put up a solid score of 21 for third place. In racing Randy Brown had Grave Digger hooking up hard for the short one jump course and took out teammate Parnell, as well as Crushstation on the way to the finals. Brown gave the Grave Digger all it had but came up just short against Stone Crusher for the final round win. In freestyle Brown would not be denied, as he picked up the win.

Saturday night saw another strong performance in the wheelie contest from Parnell and the Ninja Turtle as they once again scored a 21 for a three way tie in second place. Randy Brown got a good draw in the racing bracket after Thrasher broke and was unable to return for round one. Brown then squared off against Crushstation for the second time of the day to advance into the finals. Parnell took out teammates Monster Magic and Stone Crusher, leading to a teammate battle for the final round of racing. With bragging rights on the line, neither wanted to lose, but it was Brown emerging the victor. Freestyle would close out the night’s competitions and Parnell set the early tone for the competition scoring a 21. Brown and Grave Digger were the last to hit the track and burned up the floor once again but came up a point shy of the win to Stone Crusher.

Randy Brown - Grave Digger - Joey Parnell - Ninja Turtle - Monster Jam - HartfordSunday would mark the third and final show of the weekend and Joey Parnell showed he was tired of the number 21. In the wheelie contest he pointed the Ninja Turtle’s nose skyward and picked up the win with a 27. In racing, both trucks couldn’t knock out the eventual racing winner of Monster Magic. Parnell followed up the wheelie win with a strong freestyle run in the Ninja Turtle for a score of 22 to close out the weekend. In the end though, it was all Randy Brown and Grave Digger as they soared their way to the win.

Joey Parnell - Ninja Turtle - Monster Jam - Hartford

Grave Digger - Randy Brown - Hartford - Monster Jam

Next up, the Randy Brown Motorsports team heads south to Macon, Georgia for a three show weekend at the Macon Coliseum. Check out our schedule to see where else we’ll be this season.